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Circlefix - Free & Open Source - Version 0.3

This tool helps me to bind the Mousepointer
to a round Area on Screen.
I use it to play Games like slither.io
where you normally must follow the curser
with your eyes to change your move direction.
Now i can move the mouse in the direction i want
and the snake will move exactly to this direction
no matter where the mouse was on screen.
This is perfect to make super fast
direction changes in slither.io.
A good side effect is the mouse will never touch
the Win-Taskbar or the Tab-Bar of your browser.
(This was very disturbing in Fullscreen Gameplay)

Only tested on Win10 so far,
but should work from Xp to W10. (I hope)

To Start / Stop Circlefix use CTRL + S

There are two Modes you can choose in GUI:
Circle Fixed - Mouse will follow the circle border only.
Circle Unfixed - Mouse can move freely in a round Area.

This is no hack, it only helps a little bit to control your mouse.
You can control Mousespeed, circle radius and position in GUI.


(~ 4.3 Mb)
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You can see here how it works

Available Shortcuts

CTRL + S (Start/Stop)
Activates and deactivates circling and the following key bindings.
BTW: If the keybinds are active but circling is off after pressing Key S
this will only disable the keybinds to free your keyboard.
Simply press CTRL+S again to reactivate both.
(The Scroll-Lock Light on your keyboard shows your keybind state)

The following keys do work only if you had pressed CTRL + S.
Press CTRL + S again to turn off Circlefix and UNBLOCK this keys.

KEY S (Start/Stop)
Activates / Deactivates circling without disabling this key bindings.

KEY C (Center)
Set where the center of the circle should be.
It also turns on/off circling !
This is because its faster to press C to free the mouse
and then press C again to start with the new center as on the other side pressing
Key-S to free the mouse choosing the new center with Key-C and then pressing Key-S again.

KEY R (Radius)
Sets the outer radius of the circle and activates/deactivates circling.

Increase Mouse Speed by 20 %

Decrease Mouse Speed by 20 %

Increase Circle Radius by 20 %

Decrease Circle Radius by 20 %

Increase Circle Radius by 1 px

Decrease Circle Radius by 1 px

KEY M (Modus)
Changes the Mode between circle fixed (Mouse follows the circle border)
and unfixed. (Mouse can move freely on the inner side of the circle)

Quick load your own configuration:
In the application directory is a file named "circlefix_appdata/config/shortcuts.txt".
At the moment there are some key binds for keys 0-9.
But you can edit this file to write your own key binds.
For example if you write VK_KEY_1(TAB)100(TAB)1.2(TAB)0(TAB)200(TAB)100
you will make a shortcut for key 1 with a circle radius of 100 pixel
and mouse speed 1.2 in mode 0 (circle fixed) at screen posx 200px and posy 100px.
You can omit values for example VK_KEY_1(TAB)(TAB)2
will only set mouse speed to double without changing all other.
You dont need to restart the Tool after changing just wait 1-10 seconds.
((TAB) means a Tabulator symbol)

This is currently in file:
KeynameRadiusMousespeedModePos XPos Y


Version 0.3 - 2018.03.09 - Circling was not working if 'Scaling of Text and Apps' was not the default 150%
And Mouse Keys and Scroll Wheel was not working in Game because i was using the Keyboard
for accelerating the snake and forgot to activate it ... sorry ... now it works.