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Help Me Up - Version 0.2

This tool helps me to set loud timer alarms
and to plan my week.
The PC if fully turned loud in my room
is the loudest audio source i have.
I included a slider where you can adjust
how loud your mastervolume should be,
this makes the more important alarms louder.

To time its only tested on win7+10, but the
sourcecode is included to make it run.


(~ 4.3 Mb)
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Since i had made a donate button,
i think its fair to set HMU's sourcecode online to make it open source.
I think this could help alot to find bugs, and if
you think you can change something usefull in the code please write me.
In hmu_appdata are the Perl files. Ps: I use GVIM to edit it.