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Info: Version 2 of the Virtual Display Manager is available now. (click here)
Infinite Screen
is a free tool to move or scroll your desktop.
Many people know the function of some graphic
cards which allow to set a virtual desktop
resolution, bigger as the screen resolution.
The result is a moving desktop when the mouse
moves out of the screen edges. This tool can
move, drag or scroll your windows as wide as you
want. This is very useful for a small 10''
notebook screen to scroll down to the ok
button at a too big application window.
There are 5 modes to scroll or move windows.
1: Mouse (Scrolling on screen edges)
2: Mouse (Moving on screen edges)
3: Mouse (Dragging on mouse move)
4: Keyboard (Scrolling on Keypress)
5: Keyboard (Oneclick desktop moving)
  If MS-Windows cuts off your window to maximum screen size and you miss a scrollbar, then use the 'Oversize'-Tab
to set the window size to your needs.
New: You can make screenshots of an oversized or not fully visible window with a button in the oversize-tab.

Click to view !
Todo: (I'm currently work on the "Shortcuts-Tab")
Tool is only tested on Windows 7 + XP as Administrator, please write me if
there are any problems in other versions or lower rights.
On a dual core with 3Ghz and 20 open windows it works correctly.

Download Standalone Binarycoded Infinite_Screen_v1.72.exe (~ 2.4 Mb)
  Warning: There is a difference between left and right Control- Shift- Windows-Keys since version 1.63 !!
Usage: Standard usage for mouse press CTRL(Left) + (move mouse to screen edges).
You can delete the activation key in the config, then it moves everytime.
And for keyboard press CTRL(Left) + SHIFT(Left) + (keyboard direction keys).
There are some other modes, look in the config for activation keys, or ask me.
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You can see here how it works
  IS is written in Perl v5.8.9 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread and gnu-c (dlls) and multiple cpan modules.
Newer or older Perl versions and their corresponding modules can make problems.
If you're interested to see the sourcecode of IS you can get it here as zip file with all icons,
images and perl codes, or you can see the code directly as text files.
(If you need the newest codes write me.)
Infinite Screen is free for private and noncommercial usage only.

Download Infinite_Screen_v1.zip (~ 19 Kb)
See screen.pl (~ 60 kb) =Main code file.

* Changelog *
Version 1.63
Difference between left and right Control- Shift- Windows-Keys.

Version 1.62
OK and CANCEL button minimize to tray bug solved.
Set Pixel-X or Y to zero to disable the scroll direction.
KeyLock multi-key shortcut bug solved.
(Thanks to my users who have helped me in solving)

Version 1.61
Bug for screen corner scroll solved. (x-y stop)
Additional option for the finite mode. (home-zone scrolling)
The windows aero desktop is now in the excluded list as standard.

Version 1.60
I rewrite 50% of the code in gnu c to reduce ram usage. (-40% ram space)
Multi monitor systems are supported now. (all edges scroll)
Keyboard scroll keys are blocked if used to protect other applications.
For mouse scroll modes you can set pixel-X/Y as a scroll distance multiplicator.
There is a new tab to sort windows on the desktop or reset window positions. (+trayicon buttons)
The ip-interface is no longer supported. Last supported version is version 1.53.
For modules i think its better to built an dll interface, its faster and no ip-config is needed
But next time i write it only if it is really needed.

Version 1.53
Balloon-Help attached to the mouse. Email and Http copy to clipboard at Infosite.

Version 1.52
Window move problem at "Mouse (Dragging on mouse move)" solved.
Rawinput-Window bug solved. (maybe it was a windows aero bug)

Version 1.50
One of the main goals of this project is reached.
The new mouse driver helps to move windows over edges.

Version 1.45
  • To prevent drawing errors a refresh is done after scrolling.
  • Oversize list is sorted by Classnames.
  • Supersmall exe package. (from 11.4mb to 2.4mb)

  • Additional Info to the old version 1.53 (not supported in future):
    Infinite Screen v1.53 has an ip-interface where all special modes or window excludes work. To test this go to the
    ip-interface tab in the infinite screen window, and push start listening. A Port should open
    and waiting for instructions. Open Telnet in a dos box and connect to your open port.
    For example 'c:\telnet localhost 5000'. When all work well, you should see a greeting message
    and telnet waits for next commands. Send 'POS:100,100' and your screen move 100 Pixel
    right down and a ok message comes back. At the moment only POS:x,y CLOSE or SHUTDOWN are defined.
    CLOSE closes the tcp connection and SHUTDOWN closes the opened port in Infinite Screen.
    When you have ideas for more write me. If you are a Programmer you should wait in your programm
    for the backcoming ok message before sending next commands while this indicates the screen has moved.
    But its your decision to wait. Here are two examples in perl using the interface.
    Blocking example or Nonblocking example.
    (I have done this for a guy he needs it for moving the desktop with his 3d glasses)
    (see here)
    Available now: Virtual Display Manager

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